A Change of Heart

I used to think that material things could help to keep me happy, but have come to the conclusion that this is not true…happiness comes from being true to yourself.

It took a lot of thinking to come to this conclusion, but I couldn’t quite make the decision.  Then one day last week a friend looked me in the eye and said the three words that made the most sense of the situation…”life’s too short”.  Even I could not have put it so succinctly, so simple yet so true.  After that the realisation hit home.  We all deserve the best that life can offer us, and it would be devastating if something bad happened and you could not say that you had lived the life you wanted.

It’s a scary thought, changing the course of your life, but if it leads to future happiness then it’s worth it.

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Today I am wearing…

Topshop skinny jeans (dark denim), All Saints black drape front shirt and comfy grey canvas pumps.  Pretty but casual!

Time to Diversify

I never thought the day would come when I ran out of TV to talk about!  Sometimes it feels like it’s the same old thing, maybe I’m less interested, or perhaps it’s that new and exciting programmes are not appearing on our screens with particular regularity.  It’s led me to believe that it’s time I started to broaden my horizons and explore other interests.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely giving up on TV, it’s just that shows that inspire me to write about them are currently few and far between.  I’m going to move forward, and write about the films I might watch, or the books I read, as long as I find them interesting enough to share with others!  Things I love like fashion and style, shoes and handbags; if I like it I’ll endeavour to write about it!

It’s time to start doing things differently.


Come Dine with Me?

Disappointment in abundance last night as C4’s Come Dine with Me hit Exeter for it’s weekly competition, and I had the acute realisation that if I had bothered to apply I could so easily have walked away with £1000.  The general level of cooking and hosting was dire, and as can only be expected the production team selected a combination of people that could only enhance the stereotype of Devon people.  There was an eccentric guy who loved to hunt, a cockney party girl(?), a drama student who “acted” her way through and an older guy who liked to talk about himself a lot…the main reason I would not want to be on Come Dine, as I would hate to have a bunch of up-themselves strangers in my house assessing my dinner party skills.  However, I would like to point out that my skills (in my own humble opinion) are far superior to those demonstrated last night;  I cook a better three course dinner than any of those shown on a normal Thursday night dinner club, in which four friends and I take in turns to demonstrate our culinary skills.  I love being the hostess, and would cook every week if I was allowed, but that’s not the rule.  And I digress…last night the hosts served up (amongst other things)  a roast dinner with Bisto gravy followed by a pudding accompanied by TINNED custard, which the cook insisted she made from scratch using not the yolks of the eggs, but the whites!  It was clearly evident that she was fibbing!  There was rabbit curry followed by venison and lamb curry, and a Thai night, where host and guest ‘debated’ who had the most rounded knowledge of thai food; frankly I couldn’t care less.  All I can think is that next time they are touting for people to apply for the show I should seriously consider how much I want an easy grand!!

Until next time…


Guilty Pleasures

As you could imagine I have many guilty pleasures when it comes to my TV habits…Watching chavvy families fall out on Jeremy Kyle on the mornings of my day off; made for TV movies based on real life that have no point apart from to make you cry, and curling up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and a re-run of Columbo to name but a few.  Time to add a new one to the list…

Tucked quietly away on MTV at 9pm on Thursdays is Hellcats, an insight into the cut throat world of competitive college cheerleading, mixed in with enough issues to create a solid drama series.  Based on the book Cheer!: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleader by Kate Torgovnick, the main focus of the show is Marti, a pre-law student who loses her scholarship, and decides to join the cheerleading squad, The Hellcats, in order to gain a new scholarship.  Here she befriends Savannah (Ashley Tisdale takes a move away from Disney to adulthood) who has come from a devoutly christian family, but cut herself off from them by attending a secular school.  The show explores relationships with friends, families and lovers, as well as the odd enemy, and as should be expected, the main focus is the squad trying to qualify for the Nationals.  The shows point is that drive, determination and hard work will ultimately enable you to achieve what you are aiming for.  To us cynical English this is nothing more than sentimental drivel, however, it has quickly found a place in my viewing schedule as my new guilty pleasure.

My next TV pleasure (but definitely not a guilty one) is The Apprentice…returning tomorrow with a second episode this week on Wednesday…CAN’T WAIT!!!

Until next time people…


A Royal Affair

So following the events of a certain Royal wedding last week I feel it is only right that I pay a small homage to William and Catherine’s special day…

First I must make special mention to the dress, which luckily turned out to have been designed by The House of McQueen; lucky for me as I had told several people prior to the wedding that it definitely was being designed by them, even though it had not been confirmed.  It was a beauty of a dress; elegantly understated and completely befitting for the future queen.  All the men that I know would probably appreciate a special mention of Pippa’s dress, which just passed the bar as appropriate maid of honour wear.

With regards to the TV coverage I opted for the BBC, as did approximately three quarters of the viewers in the UK.  Not bad to be fair, and I’m sure that ITV (or even E!) could not have done a better job.  I was pleased to note that there was no commentary throughout the ceremony, which would have ruined the whole thing.  The service was lovely, and James Middleton did himself and his sister proud with his reading…can you imagine how nervous he would have been?

However, it was the small, personal touches that made this wedding special, whispered exchanges between the couple, and the piece de resistance was the Harry decorated Aston Martin in which William himself drove his bride back to Clarence House.  It was definitely a day to be remembered, and watching it with my mum, sister and nieces made it special.  I still believe that my invitation was lost in the post…oh well, there’s always Harrys!

Ten Days in Tenerife

Yesterday I returned home from ten days in Tenerife, and boy am I glad to be back!  Ten days in the sunshine with nothing to do but lie around on a lounger is pretty much my idea of hell on earth…add to that a hearty bout of the flu, and a severe lack of English TV channels and those who know me will understand how it couldn’t really have gotten any worse.  Let me tell you about my severely limited options…

Let’s start with the actual dedicated English channels, and as you might expect there was BBC World News, which was joined by the Sky News Channel, and this was joined by…not much else.  By the end of my first night I had seen the Sky News reel about three times, and I watched this because it was more diverse than BBC news.  I could have read the news myself without the help of an autocue that night.  Now I didn’t just sit there and decide on the news before I had flicked through the whole range of channels, but your first night in a new resort is always a little unsettling, and the only other channel I could find that night in English was Fox Network; this is fabulous if you’re into endless episodes of Bones, CSI and House, but I am not a fan of any of these shows, and, to be quite honest, I would rather have watched the news!

Day two was a little more relaxed, giving me the opportunity to look a little closer at what was actually on…Cartoon Network and Boomerang had kids TV in a mixture of Spanish and German, but very little English, and there were several Spanish (to be expected in the Canaries) and German speaking channels.  Triumph came when I stopped and paused a little…TCM provided the same classic films that it does here, and I came across channels Cini, Action and Comedia, all which appeared to be Spanish channels at a first glance.  However, after stopping and listening to the dialogue the films were actually in English.  Result!  It became quickly clear that Action was not the channel for me, especially when Inglorious Basterds came on around 9pm with a warning that it was unsuitable for under 13’s!  I settled for the remainder of my evenings between TCM and Comedia, but due to a lack of knowing the schedule I only managed to watch 3 whole films…Jules and Julia (the cookery/blogging film), My Big Fat Greek Wedding and A League of Their Own, which I love, but it has me in tears every time I watch it.  Aside from this I watched lots of beginnings, middles and ends of various other films, which definitely wiled the evenings away, and still caught an awful lot of news, more than I would have watched if I were at home.  All in all I suppose that it could have been worse!

On the bright side I made it through the TV drought now I am home, and I have hours of all my favourite shows to work through!  I’ve already made some headway, but this will certainly keep me occupied.  However, a couple of glaringly obvious misses that I forgot to record and will now have to watch on iPlayer, as I am expecting them to be must watch, car crash TV…firstly Jordan on Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, because I’m sure that’s very much a case of ‘look at me and see what I’m doing for charity’ rather than just doing something for charity; and also Kerry Katona leaving Dancing on Ice following the skills test, as let’s face it her skills were limited to say the least.  Will catch up on these and share my thoughts shortly.  Lots to get through.

Until next time…


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